Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What if Dinosaurs never went extinct?

Think about it. We would be the Flintstones! I’m sure we wouldn’t have dinosaurs vacuum our rugs, or wash the dishes… What would we do with them? Would they be gigantic? Or would they have shrunk to proportionate size like cats and dogs, alligators, birds, lizards…. Instead of dogs, would we have pet brontosaurs?

Just for arguments sake, I’m going to go ahead and tell you that the dinosaurs never went extinct, never ate every human in sight, and are still awesomely huge. Well, the awesomely huge ones anyhow!

Here’s a few images that I managed to snag from an alternate dimension. Yes, I can do that. Don’t believe me? Look at the pictures, damn.
"Mommy, where do babies come from?"

  I’m sure we would be using velociraptors as police dogs.

"Easy Bruno, we'll get that underage smoker!"

What about bull fights? Yeah, without bulls it would be a bit different!

"You've got him right where he wants you!"

What about ancient history? Do you think they would lead a charge of trained T-rexes? What about ancient Rome? Those gladiators would be in for it!

"I didn't sign up for that!"

Would we have had cattle and a Stegasaurus ranch? Branding would be a little tricky!

"Um, Jeb? I'm having second thoughts about the last one there."

All in all, the world would definitely be a very, very interesting place. (Albeit more dangerous!) Never again will you have to worry about squirrels! Just those pesky tiny dinosaurs that ate the guy in one of those Jurassic Park movies, I forget which one, but that's not important!

-Ari Racz


  1. I'm a nerd for saying this, but the dinosaurs were compys (procompsognathus) and the movie was The Lost World.

    That's what I get for taking a paleontology class in college...

  2. I was trying to remember what they were called! And I just remember a bunch of mercs in the jungle shooting at stuff! Thanks!